Mabey Logistic Support Bridge™

The Mabey Logistic Support Bridge™ (LSB) is the lighter, stronger, modern successor to the original Bailey Bridge developed during World War II. It combines the original benefits of the Bailey Bridge – rapid erection, simple to build, robust modular design and fully interchangeable standard components – with more modern materials, steel decking, integral grillages and a fully adjustable ramp system. The ground beam and grillage system, unique to Mabey, enables construction on greenfield sites with no special preparation required.

The Mabey LSB™ has been constructed, trained on or purchased by more than 75% of NATO nations and several NATO partner nations, and has been adopted by many Armed Forces worldwide. It has been used extensively on operations by the US Army, the US Marine Corps and the US Navy Seabees.

The Mabey LSB™ is supplied with a comprehensive training and support package, delivered by a team of ex-military instructors, who, in addition to their military experience, each have extensive experience of constructing the complete range of Mabey bridges in some of the most inaccessible places in the world.

For more information about the Mabey LSB™ or to find out how you can buy Mabey LSB™ spares and components, please contact us.


• Capable of carrying a Main Battle Tank, up to Military Load Class (MLC) 80T, across a clear span of 60m
• Can be built on greenfield sites with minimum preparation
• Pre-engineered modular design
• Rapidly deployed on military transport
• Can be assembled by hand or using light plant
• Easily dismantled and returned to stock after use
• Transported in standard 6m (20ft) and 12m (40ft) ISO containers and on 6m DROPS/PLS 'flat racks'
• Multiple spans possible using fixed piers or floating pontoons
• Can be crane built or cantilever launched
• Optional external pedestrian footwalks

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