Mabey Atlas™ Bridge

The Mabey Atlas™ Bridge combines the benefits of a unique pre-engineered, modular deck system with the simplicity of plate girder fabrication, creating a lightweight steel bridging system which is fully pre-fabricated.

Available in both standard and bespoke designs, the Mabey Atlas™ can be configured as a conventional permanent bridge for both urban and rural applications, or as a permanent flyover to ease urban traffic congestion.
Our Mabey Atlas™ Bridges can accommodate 2 lanes of traffic per module (4 lanes side by side) and can be used in multiple span applications with no length restrictions, and supported on intermediate piers where required. We can also supply parapets and external walkways if required.

All of our Mabey Atlas™ Bridges can be tailored to meet customer-specific requirements. In addition to any special load requirements, we are able to accommodate site-specific topography, extremes of high temperature, high wind loads and seismic requirements.

To understand more about our bridging solutions or to discuss your specific project, please contact our Expert.


• Rapid-build
• Can be assembled using medium sized plant
• Can be crane built
• Relocatable
• Transported in standard containers
• Robust
• High fatigue capability
• Long life with minimal maintenance
• Preloaded bolted connections
• Factory applied anti-skid surfacing as standard
• Main steelwork can be painted if preferred

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Standard Specification



of Lanes

Internal Pedestrian

Cantilever Pedestrian


3.048m 4.2 to 7.35m 1 or 2
(per module)
1.0m Up to 1.5m

Hot-dip Galvanised:
BS EN ISO 14713
1461 ASTM A123

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