From the Ashes of War

Trijicon has been active and working with armed forces around the world for many years, one good example is the Trijicon ACOG and the many changes it has undergone based on the feedback we have received from the soldiers that rely on them every day.

Robustness, optical clarity and simple functionality among others were some of the main criteria that were highlighted during the design of the Accupower RS-30. We have drawn from our vast experience in working with armed forces and requested input from US marine snipers to create what can only be described as one of the most technologically advanced and optically superior rifle scopes available today.


Trijicon has built the Accupower RS-30 with an aircraft grade anodized aluminium housing incorporating a 34mm tube and 50mm objective for optimal light transmission. We incorporated superior glass elements that are fully broadband multi-coated to allow shooters to see the clearest image, at the maximum (30X) magnification level, available today.

The Accupower RS-30 has a zero-stop elevation adjuster with more than a 100moa / 29mil’s of adjustment range. The windage adjuster has a half rotation stop built in and allows for more than 50moa / 15mil’s of adjustment.

The RS-30 is available in both first and second focal plane options and also provides the shooter with both green and red reticle lumination to account for varying conditions and ambient light.

Perfect for sport shooting and hunting alike, it is clear that the Accupower RS-30 is a prime example of just how far rifle scope technology has come, and what the standard should be.