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Avon EZAir® airflow system is substantially smaller and lighter than traditional systems while still delivering cooler, purified air directly to the mask. Four years of research and development have resulted in the rst air-system that delivers the benefits of a traditional Powered Air Device in a smaller, lighter, integrated system. Avon EZAir drastically reduces maskwearing fatigue while providing the ability to breathe easier through better airflow.

Modular Methodology allows user to add Avon EZAir to existing fielded systems such as the 50 Series APR’s. Avon ‘s EZAir continuous fresh airflow helps relieve the burden of heavy breathing enabling responders to easily communicate and perform critical tasks.

With common replacement parts, Avon EZAir operational costs are up to 70% less than traditional airflow systems resulting in a lower cost of ownership. Instead of needing two filters to provide blown air, Avon EZAir only requires a single filter and has a run time of 8 hours (Filter life dependent of threat levels).

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